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Whether you are in the accumulation stage of growing your wealth or already in retirement, it is important that you also make time for life experiences and other fun activities. Sometimes it is easy for us to only think about saving for retirement that we miss out on enjoying the present moment. With the proper planning around your wealth and goals, you can indulge in your favorite activities without any regret. To give you some ideas on a few fun experiences to think about, here is my list of the top 4 things to do in Omaha.

1. CWS – College World Series (Omaha, NE)

If you happen to be a baseball fan, this event is something that ought to be on your bucket list. However, even if you aren’t a die-hard baseball fan, you will have a lot of fun experiencing this annual event. The College World Series, a baseball tournament held in Omaha, NE, takes place every June. The CWS features 64 teams in the first round, where each team is competing to win the NCAA Division I College Baseball Championship. For this event, more than 9 million fans have experienced it since the start, and for many it is an annual tradition that cannot be missed. For more information, go to

2. Old Market Area (Omaha, NE)

Imagine a historic downtown area with brick-paved streets from the turn of the century, horse-drawn carriages, covered sidewalks, and the high likelihood of seeing a variety of street performers and artists. That is what you get when you visit the charming Old Market area of Omaha, NE. You will find unique shops, art galleries, boutiques, pubs, restaurants, and entertainment to enjoy for a full day’s visit. Learn more by visiting

3. Explore Blackstone Area (Omaha, NE)

Much like Old Market, Blackstone is another historic area in Nebraska that is worth exploring. There is much to do here, such as visiting historical landmarks and enjoying the fantastic shopping and dining experiences. This area, which is also known as The West Farnam neighborhood or The Blackstone District, is a lively, pedestrian-friendly, revitalized historic district that stretches along midtown’s Farnam Street in Omaha. To learn more and get a better sense of what this area has to offer, visit

4. Head To Lincoln For Husker Game Day (Lincoln, NE)

While this fun activity is not in Omaha, it is still something that every Nebraska-native should be a part of. Driving to Lincoln from Omaha takes about an hour, and for Husker Game Day, that drive is certainly worth it. Husker Game Day is traditionally all about football, and there are many reasons for that. The stadium where the games are held is amazing, and the Cornhusker fans are some of the best—they love their school! What’s great about Husker Game Day is that it feels like the whole town is shut down and solely focused on this event. You really get a sense of community, and as a football fan, what more can you want? In addition to football, make sure to also look into some of the other Cornhusker teams’ game days, such as women’s volleyball, who won the national championship in 2017 and always have a great turnout at games.

Indulge A Little

For anyone that currently lives in Nebraska or even if you just come to visit, I hope that this list of fun things to do nudges you to start indulging a little. With a strong financial plan, you should be able to make time for life experiences while also staying on track with your retirement goals. If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about how best to find that balance, please call us at (402) 932-2141 or email

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