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A financial advisor can play one of the most prominent roles in a person’s life, forming a long-lasting relationship and providing reliable counsel. It’s not surprising, then, that many find it incredibly overwhelming to find an advisor they can rely on to fill that role in their life.

At D. Bryant Retirement Strategies, we understand the concerns of this momentous process. Trusting someone with your hard-earned money is not a decision you should make carelessly. Knowing this, we are honored to be given the opportunity to continue serving more and more families and individuals who conscientiously choose to place their finances in our hands.

We place the utmost value on our clients, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the important people in their lives as well. We gladly welcome the chance to connect and get to know new clients who may benefit from the services we provide. Your referrals are the highest compliment and an integral part of our continued growth.

What Sets Us Apart

We’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse range of clients, many of whom already refer their friends and family to us. We believe so many people have referred others to us for a few different reasons:

1. We Simplify. We aim to “retrain your brain,” helping our clients think about their retirement in smaller segments of time, addressing segments of 5-10 years individually. As our clients create a detailed plan to address each segment, the math adds up and they realize they can retire. We’ve had many clients cry in meetings when they realize they really can retire and they have a plan in place that they will not run out of money.

2. We Offer Added Peace Of Mind. We are a provider of WealthGuard™, an incredibly simple, yet powerful early-warning system that monitors all of our clients’ investment accounts daily. We allow our clients to dictate how much they are comfortable losing, and WealthGuard will alert them so that a specific plan of action can be immediately initiated when their limit has been reached. This system allows us to offer our clients added peace of mind and confidence that there’s a plan in place to help protect their investments in all market conditions.

3. We’re Predictable. With many advisors, clients get a “cross your fingers” and withdraw money plan. With our system, we establish a concrete income plan that acts as a personal pension and provides our clients with a predictable lifestyle. The number-one concern we often hear from our clients is their desire for predictable income that will last. And that is exactly what we offer.

4. We’re Versatile. Whether a client is interested in index or mutual funds, stocks and bonds, annuities, CDs, real estate, oil or gas, tactical asset management, or Modern Portfolio Theory, our team will customize a portfolio that is  designed for their unique needs. Using Wharton School retirement planning models in conjunction with our own proprietary retirement planning software, we model each client’s portfolio to maximize their odds of success for a more secure retirement.

5. We Educate. The majority of Americans are generally illiterate when it comes to finances, and it is not entirely their fault. The public is often being fed incorrect facts, reactive scare stories, and general tips dished as tailored advice. It’s no wonder that so many people feel intimidated or overwhelmed by financial planning. For many, it can be hard enough to differentiate mutual funds from stocks or bonds, let alone determine the best retirement savings account and contribution rate. There is a tremendous need for honest financial advice, and I want to be the firm that steps up to provide just that.

The People We Serve Best

We believe that “retiree” planning is an area of specialty and requires specific attention to complex, interrelated issues. As the only firm in the Omaha area that focuses on helping clients at the point of retirement and beyond, we have developed specific strategies to help protect our clients’ hard-earned life savings. We pride ourselves in helping Nebraskans and Iowans retire more successfully.

We aren’t concerned with growing money faster than the next guy. Our average client is in their early 60s, and they are no longer interested in risky growth but are now mainly concerned with safe money management and Social Security strategies to build an integrated and secure financial plan. Our clients are folks that have worked hard and lived a clean, conservative lifestyle. Blue-collar professionals, white-collar professionals, and everything in between, overall they’re people who have lived within their means and saved well. And we understand that when you’ve saved your whole life, you want to help protect your assets in retirement as well. We are truly professionals in this realm.

Do You Know Someone Who Could Benefit From Our Services?

It is our top priority to provide each and every person that walks through our doors with an excellent client experience that meets all of their retirement planning needs. Want to know more about retirement income generation? We’re here. Feeling overwhelmed by Social Security planning? We’re here. Need assistance with pension settlement planning, 401(k), and employer plan rollovers? We’re here. Want to begin or review existing stocks and bonds, index funds and ETFs, or mutual funds and annuities? You guessed it—we’re here! And if you have family or friends nearing retirement who have questions in any of these areas, we are here for them too.

If you’re a client with our firm and you’ve enjoyed working with us, we hope you’ll refer a friend, colleague, or family member who may benefit from our services. Go ahead and forward this article to them, or have them call us at (402) 932-2141 or email contact@dbretirement.com to schedule their complimentary consultation today!

About Darrell

Darrell Bryant, CFS®, CAS® is Omaha’s Retirement Strategist. As the founder of D. Bryant Retirement Strategies, he focuses on helping individuals and couples nearing retirement do so successfully. Along with more than 30 years of experience, he received the Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®) designation and a Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS®) designation from the Institute of Business & Finance. Passionate about helping as many people as possible in his community, he hosts Retirement Strategies Radio, heard Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. on 1110 KFAB. He has also written articles on financial planning that have been featured on Fortune.com, FoxBusiness.com, Money.com, and in the Midland Business Journal. To learn more, visit his blog, his website, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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