Getting Active in Retirement

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Retirement. It’s time to relax and enjoy all that you have worked so hard to achieve. But it’s important not to let your mind and body go on a permanent vacation, too. A May 2013 study, UK researchers at the Institute of Economic Affairs found that 40% of retirees suffer from depression and 6 out of 10 report a decline in health. Participating in activities that keep your brain and body moving will help prevent this mental and physical decline.

Some tips from US News:

  1. Exercise: Many gyms offer classes geared specifically toward seniors.
  2. Travel locally: New experiences keep you sharp. And the number of exciting locations in Nebraska and Iowa you have yet to explore may surprise you. Visit the state game and parks websites, or and look for local attractions and calendars of events.
  3. Read more: Reading improves and sustains your emotional and mental well being.
  4. Volunteer your time or expertise: You learned a lot over all the years you spent in your profession! Continue to put your talents to good use by using them to help others.

The same get-active advice should be applied to your retirement portfolio! Now that you are seeking income from your investments, the buy and hold philosophy you have likely followed all these years is no longer appropriate

  1. Think back to the decline you experienced in 2008. Here we are again. The market is at an all-time high‹on the precipice of an inevitable decline.
  2. Now take a look at your account statements. Do you own the same or similar “diversified portfolio?” No plan in place to help avoid a major decline?
  3. Hm. You are planning to take income from those accounts. If you see another 40% or more decline in your portfolio, like you may have in 2008, how can you make your money last as long as it may need to?
  4. It may be time to get that money moving! Instead of “buy and hold,” D Bryant Retirement Strategies employs tactical asset management. It’s a newer style of portfolio management that utilizes new technology. We have been able to help steer around those declines by making changes to your portfolio each month. And we monitor your portfolio 24/7 to watch out for major drops. This is exciting news for the retiree!

Take action. Learn more about tactical asset management by checking out my latest article for Money Magazine (add link).



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