Women Nearing Retirement! An Event for You!

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FOOD FASHION AND FINANCE WOMEN’S SUMMIT Register Now! Discover designer trends and financial confidence at this season’s women’s summit.  Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and shop our fashion gallery to discover your inner style icon.  Our gallery includes skincare brand BeautiControl, fashion jewelry designer Stella & Dot, and clothing retailer Chico’s. GIFTBAGS AND GIVEAWAYS FOR ALL WHOContinue Reading…

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Did You Know? The NEW Ways to Access Long-Term Care Benefits

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If you’re nearing retirement you may be familiar with traditional long-term care insurance.  It can be complicated, expensive, and if you never need long-term care, you will have paid premiums all those years without experiencing any benefit.  For these reasons, many retirees forego LTC coverage, leaving themselves vulnerable if they need nursing care in theContinue Reading…

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Money for the Kids: Building a Legacy for Generations

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Transferring wealth is a key consideration in my clients’ retirement plans.  Passing assets to future generations takes careful planning to make sure children and grandchildren receive the maximum benefit of all that you’ve worked hard to achieve.    Let’s take a look at Joan, a retiree who has the same concerns as many of theContinue Reading…

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